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Finding Your Soulmate: The Best Ways to Find the Person You’re Meant To Be With

Finding Your Soulmate: The Best Ways to Find the Person You’re Meant To Be With

Finding Your Soulmate: The Best Ways to Find the Person You’re Meant To Be With

We all want to find someone who feels like home. And we all want the person to reciprocate the feeling. But how do you know if your relationship has the potential? There are many ways to tell whether or not your relationship is going to go the distance. Here, are some signs that suggest that you might have found your soulmate and what you should do when it seems like there’s no hope for a happy ending.

How to tell if you have found your soulmate

A match made in heaven. There’s no better way to know that you and your partner are in the same “sync” as to just stay in the same spot and watch them and their friends interact. Ask them how they’ve met and notice what they’re looking for. In general, how many of their exes were they involved with? If it’s close to zero, your partner is probably looking for a lasting relationship and won’t make that mistake again. Think of your goals in the relationship and how you can help your partner achieve them. It could be the same things that your partner wants or different things that they’d like to achieve, but they’ll both probably be happy when they get there.

What to do when you feel like there is no hope

If your partner is consistently disrespectful and you can’t stand being around them, it’s likely that this relationship isn’t going to go anywhere. At this point, you need to find a way to gain your power back. This is your life and you deserve to be treated with respect. How to feel more powerful “You’ll find the power to get out when you stop trying to change someone who is never going to change,” says Dan Siegel, psychologist and author of Dan Siegel’s Brain Rules for Love. “That doesn’t mean that you give up on them, but it does mean that you give up trying to change them.” It’s important to let them know that you’re no longer interested in their problematic behaviour. This means not texting them all the time and letting them know when they have hurt you.

Trust your gut feeling

Whenever you sense something is off in a relationship, stop. Take a few moments and put a stop to it. Just like the prince that fell in love with the sleeping princess, if you can’t get what you want the first time, don’t give up. Take a second and really think about what you want. It’s important to be sure of what you want before deciding to break things off. Although it may be tough to know, sometimes love can be hurtful. In a relationship, it’s better to find out early on than to live a relationship to its conclusion. Take some space and time A lot of people assume that you should be close in your relationship in order for it to work out. But one should take some time to do their own thing. Your partner can tell when you’re ignoring them or just not interested.

Be honest with each other

In a relationship, honesty is so important. If you’re worried that you don’t connect on that level with your partner, simply being honest about your insecurities can help you work through them and get closer together. “One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to simply stay in a relationship because they’re afraid to be alone. It’s better to feel more deeply connected to someone than it is to feel lonely. You just have to let go of fear of being alone and find someone who fills the void,” explains psychotherapist Kimberly Hershenson. Make sure your values align This is a good place to start, because if you and your partner don’t share similar values, you’re not going to be able to communicate effectively with each other, which is a huge part of any successful relationship.

Consider the future and plan for it

Relationships aren’t ever meant to be taken for granted. Since you’re so far from the beginning, it’s important to recognize that being in a relationship is a new, precious, gift. Take some time to ask yourself some serious questions and try to take the relationship as seriously as possible. “Does this person excite you? Is there a great deal of love in your heart? How do you feel about your partner? How do you view this person? Will you see this person in five years? Twenty? You need to plan for the future of your relationship if you truly want it to be a long-term, loving relationship,” Sarah Watson, life coach, tells Bustle. Keep your goals and dreams in mind Are you moving toward the person you want to be or the person you want your partner to be?

When you are in doubt, come back to this guide

“When you go through all the shit in life, you realize that you can’t live without the other person. When you’re in love, you have to figure out how to protect yourself from the other person because the heart wants what it wants and needs what it needs,” says licensed counselor Monica Braithwaite. “Your partner is no longer just someone that you have a physical attraction to, and you can just have a physical relationship. That’s not real love. Real love is the man you are with thinking that you are the most important person in the world and that you are the person he would die for.” When you’re on the same page When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the “what’s up” and the “what’s wrong,” but these things should be pushed to the side.