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How To Make Your Wedding Anniversary Special: 12 Creative Ideas

How To Make Your Wedding Anniversary Special: 12 Creative Ideas

How To Make Your Wedding Anniversary Special: 12 Creative Ideas

There’s nothing more romantic than celebrating your anniversary with the person you love. The first wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper gifts, and each year thereafter is celebrated with gifts of wood, cotton, iron, silk, and jade. These milestones allow us to celebrate in a way that highlights the fact that marriage is an ongoing process. It also lets us think about what we want our future together to look like. Remembering these special days can help you plan for a long-lasting relationship. Here are some creative ideas for how to make your wedding anniversary special

What is an anniversary?

First of all, an anniversary is not something you just set up a day and the day falls on that date, but rather it is the celebration of your union of love and bliss. It is the mark of your shared life together, made up of the ups and downs. It is the celebration of your mutual blessings of love, fertility, and wellbeing. For some couples, an anniversary is a wonderful, joyful day when they remember what they love most about each other and about their relationship and the wonderful anniversary gift that they have given each other on this day. For others, an anniversary can be a rather depressing day. They remember what they didn’t like about their relationship when the celebrated, and they are sad that they were not able to improve things further for their union.

Creative Ideas for Your Anniversary

How To Make Your Wedding Anniversary Sweet: 12 Creative Ideas On your wedding anniversary, make the most of all the love you have given to your partner. Plan something very special for him or her. You can plan a special date with your partner where you take your partner out for dinner. Take time out for each other to have some special time together. On this very special day of yours, sending you all my warm love. I hope you get blessed with the very ounce of happiness in the world.

Re-create the day of your wedding

Remembering the day of your wedding day with the pictures and all that you have, makes it more special and memorable than the previous days. This special day can be re-created by the way you make you the entire day a little different than usual. Make it as beautiful as your wedding day. Catch up with old friends and colleagues Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding Day are a few special occasions that we do not want to miss for. No matter where you are but make sure you meet with your old and familiar friends. It will make you feel young once more. This will make the day an unforgettable one for you and your friends. Traveling somewhere There is no better way to keep the memories of an event alive than by traveling somewhere in a different land.

Send each other homemade gifts

A simple task which could be really wonderful way to celebrate your love. All you need to do is start a small business, so you could get all the ideas together to surprise your loved one with a gift that they would love to have each day. Here are few ideas you can pick up for your each day gift.  1.Any small box (w/ a label saying: “you’re home safe,” “don’t break it!”, etc.) 2. Prescription Vitamin pills (in individual bubble packaging with card saying: “you are healthy; your wife is happy.”) 3.A bottle of Rizla rolled and inserted in a book (with a saying: “no more excitement”) 4.Love box filled with cards (one of them is filled with romantic poems and a poem about love. 5.

Write a love letter to your partner

Write out a love letter, informing your partner on how you found love in them and all the good things that you have discovered about them, your feelings for them and how much you care. What have they done to show you care? So make a list of things you love about them and what you think they do right, whether it is their good looks, cooking skills, eye for details or whatever. Take a trip somewhere to cherish your love No matter where you go to celebrate your anniversary, do it on a weekend when you will be the only ones going. This will give you ample time to yourselves. Take a short trip to a place that you both love, so that you can spend time with each other, read, eat and just be together.

Make this year’s anniversary special

Guests: * For older couples : Treat your parents to dinner on this day as this will be a golden opportunity for you to not only make your parents feel special but also set the mood for the marriage. * For Newlyweds: Even if it is just a family dinner, taking your spouse’s friends will definitely help keep your relationship on an even keel. * Couples living abroad: How many times do you get to have a night out with your spouse to dine, share a good movie, catch up on soaps, and have a couple of drinks? Make this date one that you would like to remember. * Couples, who have met through friends : This date holds special memories for your spouse and for you. It’s not always easy to meet and get to know your other half’s friends.


These are just a few things that might give you some fresh ideas for your anniversary day. Let me know your views and favorite anniversary date. If we have missed any awesome anniversary date, kindly leave a comment below for us to be updated and be included. You could also share these article with your friends and family, and maybe this article will be a success for you all!